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SUNDAY, 19 JULY 2020

ICE BREAKER: The Niger Delta Corruption saga. Minister and MD dancing naked with aborted “abduction” of the MD. Can the battle against corruption be warn? Discuss


Text: Mark 6:1-6

Golden Text:
When Sabbath came, He began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard Him were amazed. “Where did this man get these things?” They asked. Mark 6:2a

Lesson Objectives:
By the end of this study, participants should be able to:
1. Understand the nature and source of Jesus wisdom.
2. Understand the reasons for, and the consequences of the people’s unbelief.
3. Commit to using God’s grace to overcome those reasons for unbelief, and use same grace to imbibe the wisdom of Jesus.

A story was told of one pastor Timothy Alagunme, who had a difficult time while growing up because of the sudden death of his parents. He managed to graduate from the university and pastoral training because of God’s call on him. Although he was talented and gifted in music, his people did not reckon with him and his ministry until he had his first and successful musical concert. Many who saw his performance marveled at his dexterity.
Jesus christ, in today’s lesson had similar experience like pastor Timothy. At the beginning of His ministry, He was not honored in His own town, Nazareth. And because of their attitude and lack of faith, He did not perform much miracles in their midst. The focus of today’s lesson is on the ministry of Jesus among His people. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus demonstrated wisdom, integrity and exemplary lifestyle.



The ministry of Jesus was characterized with signs and wonders (Luke 5:25-43). After an eventful outing in Capernaum, Jesus returned to His home town to extend the message of salvation to his people but rather than accept it, many who heard Him marveled and questioned His true identity, authority, power and wisdom with which He taught and performed miracles. By their questions, they seem to underrate His personality, power and wisdom because of familiarity. As a lesson, our familiarity with people should not make us reject them and their God-given messages.

1. Why was it important for Jesus to return to His home town? (Acts 1:8)
2. Compare how Jesus was received in other cities vs Nazareth (Luke 4:14-16,22; Mk 6:1-3)
3. Where did Jesus get His wisdom and power and how can we get true wisdom and power today? (Isa 61:1,2; Lk 4:18,19; 1 Cor 1:30; Jn 5:19)


From age 12, Jesus filled with Holy Spirit of God (Isa 61:1; Lk 4:14) began to teach and engage with the temple scholars with wisdom that was:
• Astonishing/amazing in content (profound) -v2
• Delivery with authority
• Evidence (mighty works wrought). Healing a ‘few folks,’ despite the prevailing unbelief (v5b).

3. What do you think of the 3-part method (Content, Delivery and Evidence) of Jesus ministry? 4. Reflect on the ministries that you know, and discuss if these 3 parts are often there.

Jesus had returned to His home town with passion to preach, teach and heal but met with a strong resistance from a people who undervalued His personality (v3,4). As a result of their attitude and lack of faith, Jesus did not perform much miracles there except the few people that were healed of their sickness (v5).

5. What are the consequences people are likely to suffer when they doubt or reject God’s ministers, especially church pastors? (v5; 2 Chron 20:20; Eph 4:12.13)
6. Why do you think some people reject ministers of God over them? (v3,4; 1Jn 2:16; Hosea 4:6; 1 Pt 5:8)
7. How can the situation in Q6 be corrected? (Jn 14:1; Prov 11:14; 22:6; JAMES 4:7)

Conclusion & Key Takeaways:
The combination of the content, delivery and the evidence of Jesus ministry undoubtedly made his wisdom astonishing /amazing to the people of his hometown.

To understand the source of His ministry we need to ask and listen to Jesus himself, who ascribes it to the Spirit of God.

The people recognized the great contrast between their personal knowledge of him and his ministry that they were witnessing. Unfortunately, they could not overcome their cultural expectations, pride, ignorance of God’s working, and insensitivity to the Spirit of God. Consequently, they missed out on prospering from Jesus ministry.

So, likewise can it be today, that maintaining the same attitude to God’s messenger can make us miss out on God’s blessings.

Prayer Points:
🙏🏽 LORD, help me to understand the source of your wisdom, and to commit myself to it.
🙏🏽 LORD, help me to use your grace to overcome those barriers that may want to deter me from pursuing your wisdom.