Moving Forward: Celebrating and Renewing Our Ministries

With gratitude to God I welcome you to 2014, the year of Advancing in God’s glory, the year of celebrating and renewing our ministries. We every reason to celebrate God’s goodness for all He did for us as individuals and as WMU.

Last year, babies were born, our children did well in their education, got admission to higher levels in their studies, our youths got married, our husbands were promoted at their places of work, their business grew, we too have enjoyed divine health; we praise the Lord who has continually given us reasons to exalt His name.

I implore us all to improve on our service to God this year and evaluate our faith so as to work on any area where we see that we have not measured up to God’s standard. Let us all do this to challenge, encourage and motivate people around us whether they are believers or not.

Loving God with the whole of our heart and being as we have in it Mathew 22:37, putting our everything into God’s work, handing over every aspect of our lives to Him: our marriage, business, dressing and our general attitude towards one another.

The WMU theme of the year is ‘Moving Forward: Celebrating and Renewing our ministries’, the text taken from Hebrew 12:1-2.

More importantly, I want to appeal to us to use our energy, time, money and talents to serve God and Humanity. Holding on to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, more than ever before we need to read, meditate, believe and act on the word of God.

I pray that God will continue to be our strength, grant us wisdom and faith to occupy till He comes in Jesus name.

I wish us all a wonderful and prosperous 2014 in Jesus name. Amen.

Folashade F. Opekun